Our famous escudella, the winter broth soup with pasta and meat.

One of those winter seasonal dishes that are very charming in a cold december day.

You know how much we love this kind of traditional dishes, and this one is a best seller in the restaurant.

Season: from november to march


The broad beans and green peas stew that we make in l’argadà is one of the iconic dishes from our “xup-xup” kitchen (slow food).

A plate that is on the menu all the year due to its popularity.

Season: all the year


Another classic of the restaurant are the “calçots”, grilled onions with the special homemade sauce.

The demand is all year round, but we only have them during their season.

It is known for having family or friends’ meetings and have some fun while eating them,

Season: from January to march


The lamb chops from can pauet de jafre, what a lovely thing to eat.

Cooked on top of the wood grill that gives the special flavor to the meat.

Season: all the year


The famous red tomato and onion salad from torroella, another classic dish from the restaurant. Unfortunately, we can only have it in the menu few months. From the garden to the table!

Season: from june to september



Snails! The best seller of the restaurant, slow cooked for few hours and with its aioli and tomato sauce…amazing!

Season: all the year


The grilled octopus from llançà, a product that comes directly from the sea and we cook all the process at home.

We end up grilling on the wood grill which gives it that characteristic taste and which makes it melt in the mouth, what a delightful dish!

Season: all the year

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